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About Dary Coffee

Founder Daryna Panchak of Dary Coffee, an elegant coffee brand
Coffee Cupping at African Plantation - Daryna Panchak

Many people know me as Daryna the Coffee Girl, and this pseudonym embodies my unwavering devotion to the world of coffee. My journey into this flavorful universe began 9 years ago with my first steps as a barista ☕️

My desire and curiosity for coffee led me further. I dared to visit the lush plantations on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and beyond to trace the origin of coffee. This first-hand research allowed me to build relationships with coffee producers, deepening my understanding of their craft.


As an entrepreneur in the coffee industry, I don't just focus on brewing coffee. I specialize in the wholesale trade of green coffee and equipment. My journey has taken me to international trade expos in Europe, where I follow technology and innovation, keeping in touch with professionals in the field.

My passion extends to collaboration, and I am always ready to connect with other coffee lovers. Whether you are looking for a unique source of coffee, innovative equipment or just want to exchange ideas, I'm always open.


Feel free to reach out and let's explore the rich world of coffee together. 

Best coffee wishes ☕️
Daryna Panchak, 

founder DaryCoffee

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Coffee Enthusiast Visiting Dubai Coffee Museum - Daryna Panchak

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